Tottam Philosophy

TOTTAM is a word that comes from “Tamil”, native language from the south of India wich
means GARDEN.

Our mission has to do with taking care of the outdoor garden, but also the “Garden Within”

Every plant is planted at some point, intentionally or accidentally …. depending on what is fed of, it can grow, bloom, even bear fruit. This food comes from different sources, though the most important sources, the environment related and its impressions, are not allways taken into account.

We know how important this is, and in Tottam, we try to take care of this elements creating areas and spaces for the rest and inspiration in the inside and outside, in order to find an expression path.

Just as plants are connected by a huge net under the ground, human beings remain connected by a similar net, not just between us but also with all the earth and universes.

This is why we want to create different spaces, so everyone can take care of their own garden within and share it with others.

Art, in all its disciplines, offers good tools for this. That is teh reason why we try to make ir present and available.

Health, not just physical, also requires attention in these times.

We will create spaces for this porpouse, create areas to take care of your garden in orther to take care of the garden we all walk in.

This is our mission.