Health area


This healty garden opens as a space for retreat, rest and self balance.

A wellness space with a catalog of services, such as massages, natural treatments, specific diets/fasts, outdoor yoga, tai chi lessons, as well as a space for energetic health that includes “Reiky” or “Akashic Studies”, that you can request during your stay or enjoy on an scheduled visit.

It also offers the possibility of scheduling retreats, courses, workshops, etc ..

The gym and Sauna can also be used under reservation.

Body heath space

Take care of your body with massages and anti-stress treatments

Relaxing massage

This massage stimulates blood circulation, helps regulate blood pressure, reduces stress while calming the body and mind.

Relieving massage

Deep pressure massage that helps combat muscle pain and contractures. Especially suitable for athletes or people with intense physical activity.

Holistic massage

This massage fuses Eastern and Western techniques. Going from Japanese shiatsu to Thai massage. Invigorating as well as relaxing, it includes stretching, acupressure and work on energy meridians.

Anti Stress Package

This comprehensive treatment consists of a 50-minute relaxing massage, a 25-minute foot massage, and a 25-minute cranial facial massage.

Energy health space

Take care of the energy of your being with wellness therapies


Reiki is a channeling technique that allows the transmission of healing energy through the laying on of hands. It can be used to release stress, trapped emotions, help with anxiety, restlessness, mental confusion, a feeling of blockage or stagnation, illnesses, among many other things. It is not restricted to a specific field, since it is a tool that allows to harmonize the body and soul. During the session there is a re-alignment of the different chakras and, therefore, a restoration of their balance is generated. Also, it works with a cleaning of blockages at a physical, energetic and emotional level. Depending on the case, more than one session may be necessary to work on the issue or disease in question.

Akashic Records

An Akashic Records reading is a channeling that allows you to connect with the information recorded in the book of your Soul and answer questions you have regarding current difficult situations that you do not understand or in which you have trouble making decisions. It is information that comes from a higher plane, which allows us to see the larger stage in which we participate and what is our learning in the midst of it. The objective of this reading is to be able to help your evolutionary development and generate a deep healing in your Being. A wide variety of topics can be treated: family issues, work issues, health, abundance, well-being, belief patterns, mental and emotional blocks, resistance, attachments, limitations, life mission, talents, gifts, personal development, among others.